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Vidal Sassoon: His Legacy Lives On

Alicia Boal


 This week, our Ratner family, all our Stylists, and the entire beauty industry felt the loss when industry giant Vidal Sassoon died at age 84. Vidal singlehandedly revolutionized the beauty industry, and the changes he made inspired us and opened the door for our success with our own Hair Cuttery business concept.

Vidal forever changed the industry by replacing the shampoo-and-set business with unisex, precision hair-cutting. He was an icon in the 70s styling celebrities like Mia Farrow, and became a household name when he launched his own successful line of products. He remained a powerful force in the industry through the end of his life, and his memory will forever be in the hearts and minds of Stylists everywhere.

We owe this great man a personal debt of gratitude. His incredible vision and accomplishments motivated us to capture the value market and become the unique, caring company of salon brands we are today. Vidal shared our vision and rallied the industry to benefit the people throughout his life.

A humanitarian after our own hearts, Vidal spearheaded the Hairdressers Unlocking Hope campaign in 2007. We joined forces with him to rebuild houses following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, and are proud that together we provided more than just homes – we provided renewed hope to people affected by the tragedy.

Vidal, your legacy will never die and you live on in our hearts. Thank you, and rest in peace.

- Dennis, Ann and the entire Ratner family