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Spring Liter Sale: How much will you save?

Alicia Boal


Pink love bottles

With so many offers and sales, it can be challenging to know what really is the best value for your hard earned dollar!  Savvy shoppers are hip to the concept of unit price.  We're going to break it down for you to show you how BIG you can save during our spring 
liter sale.

 What is Unit Price?

The "unit price" or "unit cost" tells you the cost per measurement.  So, if you want to compare prices, you simply divine the cost by the quantity.  For example, 8oz. for $14.99 is 14.99/8= $1.87 per oz.




Comparing unit prices is a great way of finding which is the best value.

Example: What's more cost effective

  • 2 Liters (1 shampoo, 1 conditioner) at $37
  • 16 oz. (1 shampoo, 1 conditioner) at $ 28

There are 33.8 oz in 1 liter. Simply divide the cost by the unit:

  • 2 liter unit cost:  37/67.6= $0.55 per ounce
  • 16oz (2 8oz. bottles): 28/16=$1.75 per ounce

Now you know the formula to make smarter shopping choices for you and your family.  So don't miss our summer liter sale where you can save BIG!  Plus, get 2 FREE pumps with your REDKEN or Matrix liter duo purchase while supplies last. Happy spring from Hair Cuttery!