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With the start of 2018 on the books, have you embraced the “new year, new you” mentality? From working out and eating healthy to being more organized; people everywhere have made resolutions to make a fresh start that will positively impact their lives. But how can you give back to your community? What if you could do both?

About Share-A-Haircut

At Hair Cuttery, there is nothing more important to our company and our associates than giving back to the communities across the country that have welcomed us into their hearts. For the past 19 years, Share-A-Haircut, our signature program, has been giving back to those who need it most. Since its inception, Share-A-Haircut has donated over 2.8 million haircuts to people in need. This year is no different; and it all continues in February.

For each haircut that takes place in one of our 900 salons on Monday, February 5th and Tuesday, February 6th, Hair Cuttery will donate a free haircut certificate to a homeless adult or child in the community. Our partnerships with local shelters and community organizations make sure that the certificates are given to those who need them most.

Mother and child

“Our February program for the homeless is very special to our salon professionals and the entire Hair Cuttery family,” said Dennis Ratner, Co-Founder and CEO of Ratner Companies, parent company of Hair Cuttery. “It’s incredibly powerful to see how one haircut can make an important difference in the lives of those less fortunate. It’s truly heartwarming to see how something as simple as a haircut can give such joy and confidence.”

Men, women, and children can all make an impact and experience the Beauty of Giving. Visit your local Hair Cuttery salon on February 5th & 6th for your cut to make a difference. It really is that simple; take care of your community by taking care of yourself. How’s that for a new year, new you?!

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