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Baby’s First Haircut

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Baby’s first anything is always a memorable and exciting experience. Here are some things to consider when taking your baby for his/her first haircut.
  • If you and or your family members are current Hair cuttery clients, bring your baby along to see the Hair Cuttery environment and all the friendly faces there.
  • If you have a Hair Cuttery Stylist, introduce your baby to him/her and encourage positive interaction.
  • Allow your baby to see you having your hair cut, color and or blow dry and how amazingly happy you feel and look after the service.
  • Prior to your first hair cut date, call and set an appointment with your Hair Cuttery Stylist so your baby does not grow impatient while waiting
  • If you don’t have a Hair Cuttery Stylist, call the Salon prior to your visit and ask what day/times are less hectic to reduce wait time and/or stranger anxiety.
  • Choose a time of day where your baby is well rested, and is in his/her best mood.
  • Bring your baby’s favorite toy and don’t forget your camera.  You will want to capture this precious and priceless moment.
  • Don’t forget to bring home Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo, made just for babies’ hair.
  • Save a piece of your baby’s hair and adhere it to a “Baby’s First Haircut” certificate.  Your Hair Cuttery Stylist will gladly give you this certificate to showcase your baby’s pleasurable experience at Hair Cuttery.

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