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How to Choose the Right Short Hair Style for You

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From pixie cuts to chin-length bobs, short hair is a fashionable choice this year – whether it’s on the runway or on that trendy barista at your favorite coffee shop. But, cutting those long locks can be scary and a big commitment.

Fear not! The secret to short hair is that almost every woman can wear it as long as they choose the right cut. Here are two things to consider when choosing the best short hair style for you.


Face Shape

When people talk about short hair for women, they can mean anything from a couple inches below the chin, to a radically short boy cut. We’ll start short. Pixie haircuts look best on women with heart-shaped or oval faces, but aren’t the most flattering on women with long faces.

If you have a long face, consider a shag cut or chin-length bob. These cuts will flatter your face shape by creating the illusion of width. The opposite advice applies if you have a round face. Don’t risk helmet hair with a bob, rather elongate your face with a style that falls an inch or two below your chin.


Hair Texture

Just as important as face shape, the texture of your hair has a huge impact on how a short hair style looks on you.

The secret to gorgeous short curly hair is getting the length and layering right. Your curls may fall a certain way when your hair is long, but look quite different without all that weight. The best thing to do is to choose a stylist you trust and to listen to his or her recommendations about which style to choose.

On the other hand, fine hair that looks flat and dull when grown long can actually looking fuller and more dynamic in short, single-length dos. Super-short pixie cuts are chic and low maintenance for women who have thick straight hair.

Want more short hair ideas? Stop by your local Hair Cuttery salon to talk to one of our expert stylists and ask for a free consultation.

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