Popular Hairstyle and Beard Combinations

Are you a guy who’s looking to change up your appearance but you’re not sure where to start? Growing a beard might be the perfect way to mix things up! Beards of all lengths, thicknesses, and styles are a popular trend. There are many resources to learn how to take care of a beard, but we at Hair Cuttery want to help you pair that great beard with an even better hairstyle.

Work on that Beard

Long beards, groomed beards, short beards, and scruffy beards—all of these are on trend and can look great. Before you begin, there are factors to consider, like how well you can grow a beard and what products you might need to help maintain it. It might take some time and dedication for your facial hair to grow in, especially if you find yourself with patchy areas, but it’s best not to shave and just let it go. If that leaves you feeling a bit unkempt, keep your beard trimmed with clippers while the slower-growing hairs catch up.

Patience is also part of the process because chances are a week or two into the grow-out phase your face might really itch, but keep the goal in mind (oh, and use some good beard oil!).

If you’re aiming for a close-cut bearded look, most hairstyles will work perfectly because there isn’t the need to “balance” your hairstyle as with a longer, fuller beard. As your beard begins to grow, have some fun with it. There are lots of grooming tools and oils specifically for beards so keeping it tame and in good health is easy with some devotion. Once you’ve reached the desired length, all you need to do is find a hairstyle that will work best with your beard length!

What Beard with What Style

trim beard with long top fadepompador quiff hairstyle with trim beardshort fade haircut with trimmed beardbeard with short hairstyle

Either you have the beard or it’s a work in progress, so now it’s time to think about the hair. Here are some popular hairstyles and how well they pair with beards:

  1. The comb-over/side-part: This style is classic and can be achieved with clippers or scissors, whatever your preference. This is a safe, versatile style that looks nice and neat with a close-cut beard. You might feel like you’re playing things a little safe here, but that is perfectly fine. After all, a beard is a beard, no matter its length, and this style is great for giving you a stylish yet still professional appearance.
  2. Razor cut: Razor haircuts typically have a tousled, textured look to them and fall around a medium to long length. These styles create a sexy, carefree, casual feel. With a lot of texture and focus on your hair, a close-cut or medium length (but tidy) beard would pair well and keep the cut looking suave, not messy.
  3. The Quiff: This style is sleek and versatile. The back and sides of your hair would be kept quite short and faded with various length clippers. The top will maintain much volume and be swept back. This style is very trendy and can be paired with long or short beards. If you decide on a long beard, tapering down the sides is a good choice to keep this style sleek and elongated. From your sideburns down toward your chin, cut the hair to gradually get longer so your fade blends seamlessly into your beard. A heavy disconnect is sometimes ok but not advised here because it would take away from the smooth transition from hair to beard that classifies this as a sleek style.
  4. Long hair: Whether you like your hair to fall at your shoulders or longer, or enjoy throwing it up into the notorious “man-bun,” adding a beard will keep this style fresh and alluring. Since you have long hair, a long beard would be a little aggressive and too distracting. Keep the beard simple so the focus can remain on your luscious locks. A shorter, either clean cut or messy beard, would be appealing with this style giving you just enough edge.
  5. No hair: There is nothing wrong with being bald, especially because you get the beard of choice. Whether you’ve gone bald because of genetics or simply by choice, the type of beard you wear is entirely up to you. It could be anywhere from long to short, tame to scruffy, since the focus will only be on it. There is no balance to worry about here.

Decisions, Decisions

Facial hair is an essential part of a well-maintained style, whether you want to grow it or shave it off. Don’t panic at the thought of trying to grow a beard, because its care doesn’t mean you have to add tons of time into your morning routine. Talk with your Hair Cuttery stylist about the best pairing for your hairstyle and the beard you want or have. Try one combination and if it doesn’t work, try another. Embracing change can be positive, so while trends shift, change up your look with your trusted and professional Hair Cuttery stylist.

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