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Hair Cuttery Holiday Hairstyles: 3 Quick and Easy Party Looks!

Alicia Boal


blog cover_HHIt's time for family gatherings, office parties, and family photos!  We've got some great holiday hair styling ideas that will complete your party look.  Try these styles with our recommended products to help you achieve a stunning look or come into Hair Cuttery where one of our stylists will get your ready for your special event or occasion.

Let Your Hair Down!Loose Curls

If you have medium to long hair, nothing is more classic than loose voluminous curls to complete your holiday look.  You'll need silver hair clips or bobby pins, a comb, brush and 1" or 1.5" curling iron.  Use your comb to separate your clean, dry hair into four sections.  Start with a front section and prep your hair with Redken Iron Shape 11 which will protect your hair from the heat and provide medium hold.  Take a 1 inch section and curl starting mid shaft.  Turn the iron until you have rolled all the hair length around the barrel.  Loosen the clamp and slide curled hair out.  Keep the curl coiled and secure it with a silver hair clip or bobby pin.  Continue to work in each section until hair is fully curled.  Leave your hair curled and pinned for 5-10 minutes in order for the hair to cool and set.  This is a good time to do your make up or nails.  After hair cools, begin removing the pins.  Once all clips are removed, spray lightly with a flexible hold hairspray.  We love Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray with dries fast with clean, run your fingers through it results!  Loosen curls with your fingers or for softer waves lightly brush through.  Finish with a healthy spray of hairspray and now your set to go.

princess braidHairstyle Fit For Your Princess

This year, there's a certain princess that is wildly popular with the little ones! We've taken the princess braid trend and put our own special twist on it to make it a bit more unique.  Start on dry hair and pick a side on which you will place your main braid.  For our example, we'll instruct for the left side.  Take a lock of hair on the right side and make a small braid to the hair end and secure with a small elastic band.  Now your ready to start your main braid by beginning on the top left side.  Start with a standard braid with three cross overs.  On the fourth crossover, take hair from the opposite side and a wrap under and add to the crossover piece.  This technique will create an inside out braid.  Continue braiding and secure with an elastic band or glittery band for more of a dress up look.  Finish and set with Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray.

 Upswept Pixieupswept pixie

The fun and flexibility of shorter hair gives one more style options than you'd think!  Think upswept hair is for those with long locks?  Think again!  We've taken the pixie from day to night and pumped up the volume to give a chic and edgy feel.  For this look, you'll need to add texture and volume, so start by spraying Redken Quick Tease 15 to the root and hair length at the back section of the top of your head.  Use a teasing comb or regular comb and in a circular motion, back comb the hair to "tease" it.  Take the next piece and repeat the spray and back comb process from the back to the front.  Once you have this wild teased hair on top of your head, gently start to comb it back.  Be sure not to comb out the teasing but just using the teeth of your comb to work hair back.  Comb and spray side hair back and up.  Set your style with Sexy Hair Spray & Play.  Now you're ready to rock the night away!




Try out these looks at home or just walk into your Hair Cuttery and have one of our stylists give you the look you want for your next gathering.  You can also pick up any of the products recommended above to achieve these looks or ask your stylist what products will work best for you.  At Hair Cuttery, we make the holidays happier! If you love your Hair Cuttery look, be sure to share your holiday photos with us by using hashtag #myHCLook.  Happy Holidays everyone!