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Hollywood Prom Hairstyles at Hair Cuttery

Alicia Boal


Prom 2012 takes it to Hollywood!

Around this time of year, teen girls everywhere are getting prepped for one of the most important days of their high school life, PROM! Aside from the dress picking and shoe buying, they are searching for the perfect hairstyle to top off their look. For 2012, it is all about soft tresses and classic styles that look effortless yet glamorous. The most common style this year is the Hollywood wave which has been seen on celebs hitting the red carpets this spring. Below you’ll see a few quick steps as to how a Hair Cuttery stylist can help you achieve this look and even give you an idea of how you can recreate it at home!

Step One: Section the hair and spray Redken’s Work Force 09 throughout to add texture and hold before we begin to set the hair
Step Two:
Using hot rollers*, angle medium sections of hair to wrap around the roller *when using hot rollers, set the entire head and wait for the rollers to cool before removing them
Step Three: After the rollers are removed, take a large paddle brush and run it through the hair to loosen the curls up, this is what creates the WAVE
Step Four: Customize your look by pinning some pieces back, making a side part, or pinning it all to one side
Step Five: Depending on your hair's ability to hold curl, you can use the following products as a finisher:
• For fine hair that hold no curl- use Redken’s Forceful 23
• For medium/coarse hair that may fall before midnight- use Redken’s Pure Force 16
• For ALL hair types - you can use Redken’s Shine Flash 02 to add shine to the hair, making it look polished


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