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How to: Easy and Classic Hairstyles

Alicia Boal


Need some style inspiration for some easy, classic looks?  Here are a couple of our favorite styles for any season!

The Top KnotIMG_2002

This chic hairstyle will keep you styling on the boardwalk or in the boardroom. In just few easy steps, you will get a polished look with a high fashion feel.

  1. Gather your hair into a smooth ponytail position and then pull your hair upward, very tightly.
  2. Comb your ponytail to add volume
  3. Twist your hair around your elastic hair tie
  4. Secure your bun with bobby pins to keep the hair in place.
  5. Set with Redken’s Control Addict 28 for long-lasting style

Or check out our easy How-to: Top Knot video.

IMG_1988Loose romantic curls

If you want to add a stylish flare to your hair in any season, go with curls. This loose curl style gives you a very natural look. It’s not time consuming either. With these quick easy steps you’ll have the perfect look you desire.

  1. Take a curling iron or flat iron and hold for a couple seconds on each section of your hair
  2. Hold the hair in place by either using bobby pins, clips, curlers, etc
  3. Take out holders and loosen curls with your fingers

Or check out our easy How-to: Loose Curls video.

Whether you are going out to a fancy party or just hanging out with friends, either of these looks will give you a glamorous flare.

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