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Damaged Hair Beyond Repair?

Alicia Boal


Damaged hair can happen to you! I'll never forget when I was a kid, back in the 80s, my mom and her best friend were doing home perms.  Being inexperienced, her friend left the solution on too long and the results were disastrous.  My mom's beautiful hair was fried.  It was so traumatic and she cried for two days, cut her hair short and went to a salon to get weekly conditioning treatments of what was left for the next six months.  Recently, I had my own hair mishap and, like my mom, was in tears.  I had over-processed my hair with too many chemical treatments and I have learned some valuable lessons to pass along.

  • Be sure to tell your stylist everything you've done to your hair in the past year.  Any coloring, highlights, perms, straighteners, any chemical process-TELL THEM EVERYTHING.
  • In these tough times, it's tempting to "do it yourself" but in the long run, it may cost you much more to repair your damaged hair. Some things should not be skimped on and your hair, which you "wear" everyday is one thing you should invest in.

So, a few weeks back, I faced the ugly truth- I now had to deal with damaged hair.  It looked like a haystack, all frizzy and dry and kinky.  I quickly headed to a professional at Hair Cuttery and was advised by a wise stylist to not chop my hair off like I thought I'd have to.

  • She recommended I trim the bad ends and follow a few steps to recover.  I was relieved since I didn't want to cut off my long hair.  This was great advice because I could still put my hair up and forget/hide the damaged ends.
  • After a trim and deep condition,  I was advised not to use hot tools on my hair and I am learning to live without relying on blow drying, hot rollers and my flat iron.  I have been experimenting with up-dos, braids and head scarves; all of which are very chic right now.
  • I invested in some amazing products to infuse my hair with moisture.  I purchased the Redken Real Control line (in the purple bottles) of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask.  I also purchased Cibu Ancient Serum from Bubbles in Tysons Corner.  This combination of products has literally helped repair my hair and restore moisture to it.

My hair is not 100% but it is improving   I am so grateful that there are quality products and well educated professionals at Hair Cuttery to help me through my hair crisis.  The biggest lesson I learned from my hairrific experience is to trust those who know- The stylists who have completed extensive schooling and work with hair every day. So, the bottomline--Do and use what the professionals advise because they know their stuff!  Best of luck and be kind to your hair!