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Split End Insanity (Part 2)

Alicia Boal


So it’s been a couple days, and I’ve been really good about drying my hair correctly. I wring it out when I get out of the shower, wrap it in a towel and squeeze the water out. One habit I’m having trouble breaking, however, is brushing my hair right after I shower. I just can’t NOT do it! I used a pick a couple times instead, but my brush is SO much easier. Anyone have any tips for breaking this damaging habit?

Another improvement on my part is that I’ve been making sure to use my It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin before I blow-dry. It’s a really awesome product, and if you haven’t tried it out, I’d seriously suggest you do so. My hair is already improving! I can’t stop touching it today (which, of course, is also really bad for it…) It just feels so soft and smooth!

Speaking of products, I went to the Greenbriar Town Center Hair Cuttery last week on a product-buying spree. I was so excited to see that the closest HC to me still had the 2-liter REDKEN duos for $30! That deal seriously cannot be beat! If you haven’t already, run to your nearby HC and stock up before they run out! Anyway, I wanted to try out new reformulated REDKEN Extreme line, but the salon was all out, so I went for REDKEN Smooth Down shampoo and conditioner instead. I also got Cibu Ancient Serum for my sister and REDKEN Aerate 08 for my mom.

Stay tuned for more split end battle updates, and hit your local Hair Cuttery salon to purchase any number of amazing products!