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Split End Insanity (Part 3)

Alicia Boal


This past weekend, I started using my REDKEN Smooth Down shampoo and conditioner. So far, so good! You really only have to use a tiny bit of it. I use about a dime-sized amount, and I have a LOT of hair. It’s pretty thin, but there’s certainly a lot of it.

Lately, I’m noticing significantly less split ends, which is making me notice that the ones I have are, well…weird. I’m realizing more and more that they all don’t have the typical fork at the bottom of the strand that I think of when I think of split ends.

Looking at these images, I can see that my hair has split, double-y, baby, long, offshoot and right angle ends. Wow – that sounds like a lot when I write them all down! What kind of split ends do you have?

As I stare intently at the lengths of my strands, I notice the remnants of a STUPID idea my friend had that I agreed with and, on an impulse, acted on. That was last September and the mistake is still evident in my hair. I’ll tell my story if you tell me what stupid things you have done to your hair that you instantly regretted?