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Sun Damaged Hair


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We're all aware of what the hot summer sun can do to delicate skin, but few people realize damage can be done to hair as well. Sun damage, or photochemical damage, is real and it can make healthy, vibrant hair look ratty and dry in just a few hours. But fear the summer sun no more because, according to Audrey Sivasothy, there is help for dry, sun-ravaged hair.

Restore Elasticity to Repair Sun-Damaged Hair
After coming out of the sun, treat your hair to a thorough washing and deep-conditioning with a thick, creamy, moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner formula. Washing and conditioning will make your hair supple and pliable again.

Reinforce Your Hair with Protein
Because the sun causes its damage by destroying the keratin proteins in your hair, replenishing protein will always benefit sun-damaged hair. Rinse your conditioner thoroughly and apply a protein reconstructing formula. Protein supplementation through regular reconstructing helps replace the important protein bonds that are destroyed by the sun's UV rays.

Develop a "Hands Off" Approach
Develop a "hands off" approach to your hair styling during the summer. Summer should be about carefee, low-fuss styling options. Too much manipulation can really work against your hair's ability to withstand the summer sun. Pamper your tresses and avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible. Flat irons and blow dryers will only make sun-parched hair drier. Now is not the time to experiment with color as is often the temptation. Better to wait on those highlights until fall when the air is cooler.

While these tips may help mitigate some summer hair issues, they aren't cure-alls! Used together with a little common sense, however, these tips may be the difference between enjoying your luscious hair the rest of the year or having to part with a terribly fried, split-hair mess at summer's end.

And, of course, you can always ask your Hair Cuttery stylist what products are right for you during the summer.