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Winter Hair Care


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Winter can be a brutal time for your hair. So, help protect your hair from the cold and blustery winds with these simple tips:

Condition and Moisturize
Using a moisturizing conditioner every day can help minimize some of the dryness and frizz that comes with the cold winds of winter. And even if you're used to conditioning only a couple times a week, winter is the perfect time to condition your hair at least once a day.

Avoid Heated Appliances
Heated appliances like blow dryers, curling irons and straightners are never good for your hair and even less so in the winter season. Avoid using these heated appliances, but if you must use them to style your hair, at least add extra conditioning before using them.

Don't Go Outdoors with Wet Hair
When the cold winds are blowing and the temperatures drop, your hair can actually turn to ice in parts if it is wet causing severe breakage that is hard to undo until it grows out. Try to air dry your hair indoors before going outside.

Don't Brush Too Often
In the winter, your hair is already a victim of the elements, so don't add to the dangers by brushing your hair too often. Brushing too often causes breakage, especially when your hair is stripped of its moisture. You should never brush your hair when it's wet; combing is much easier on your hair.

Avoid Too-Hot Water
Water that is too hot is a killer for hair that is already suffering from dryness as the hot water dries it out even more. Take showers with lukewarm water and scrub your head gently as to not increase the breakage. If you really need a hot bath or shower after a cold, wet day, wear a shower cap to protect your hair.

Cover Up
Whenever you get the chance, wear your hair in an up-do or cover it with a hat or silk scarf. Your hair needs all the help it can get in extreme weather conditions, so give it a little break every now and then.

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