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But My Hair Says I’m 35


partial highlights and a long layered cut

Just as quickly she looked me over and pronounced a solution: partial highlights, a long layered cut, one hour and 15 minutes, $71.00. Exactly one hour and 15 minutes later I looked at myself in the mirror and my face was smiling. I looked like me, only better and I must admit, younger. Time to update my Facebook profile with a new picture!

Celeste recommended a color shampoo that smells great and my highlights stayed looking great until I could make it back in for a refresher service. I have gotten tons of compliments and the way I feel is definitely worth the money and time to keep looking this way (not to mention that both were more affordable than I expected in the first place.) It sounds cheesy, but the way I look now on the outside, is definitely closer to the way I feel on the inside!