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Diet Can Affect Hair Color


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graying hairGraying hair is not an unusual thing to happen however the age when graying starts depends on one's genetic inheritance. Aging is often a reason that causes the hair to turn grayish. Premature graying of the hair is a condition that demands the need to pay attention to the root cause. That having been said, graying hair is a normal part of the aging process unless there is an underlying medical condition that is causing the lack of pigmentation.

According to Peter Hutch at, people suffering from chronic cold and sinusitis and those who commonly use warm water for washing their hair are more likely to be victims of premature graying. A faulty diet and stress are also the two primary causes of this condition. Lack of some of the B vitamins (iron, copper, iodine) in your daily diet is also said to be a contributing factor. The common factor remains that gray hair has some pigment left in it, just not the amount it had when it was the natural color. Other causes of premature graying of hair are an unclean condition of the scalp, consistently washing your hair in hot water, drying it with a hair dryer and use of hair dyes.

Some dietitians believe that a liberal intake of curry leaves will help in preventing premature graying. The leaves provide vitality and strength to hair roots. New hair roots that grow are healthier and contain a normal pigment. The leaves can be used in the form of chutney, or may be squeezed into buttermilk. In addition, when the curry leaves are boiled in coconut oil, the oil forms an excellent hair tonic to stimulate hair growth and bring back hair pigmentation.

Of course, the role of a proper diet in preventing and arresting premature graying hair is very important. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is absolutely essential to facilitate the supply of essential vitamins and minerals to your hair. And, if none of this works, drop by your nearest Hair Cuttery and ask your stylist what he or she can do about covering your gray hair.