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Stop Pulling Your Hair Out. Literally.



It's estimated that over eight million Americans suffer from a condition known as Trichotillomania. Simply put: People who have trichotillomania pull their hair out. However, there are a few deceptively simple but highly effective strategies for overcoming this condition. Following are just a few:

1. Make a chart of each time you pull your hair. If somebody in your family (or someone you live with) can keep you honest so much the better. Then assign a cost for each time you pull your hair. At the end of the week, take the total amount of money owed and send that amount to someone you thoroughly dislike!

2. Reward yourself when you go through a period of time when you don't pull your hair. Tell yourself, for example, that if you can go two hours without playing with your hair you will treat yourself to something special.

3. What's that you say? You pull your hair unconsciously? Simple enough, then wear ankle weights on the arm you normally use to pull your hair. You'll either stop pulling your hair or you'll end up with biceps like Mr. Universe.

4. Look for triggers that set off unwanted behavior and make every effort (if humanly possible) to avoid them. If you pull your hair while sitting in a certain traffic jam every night, try driving a different route. Anything you can do to break up your typical pattern will be helpful.

Good luck in breaking the habit. And for sharp new look, visit your local Hair Cuttery. We're here to help.