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Talking to Your Stylist


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In today's world, communication is critical whether you are talking to your family or dealing with your bosses. Being able to communicate successfully with your stylist means that you have a better chance of walking out of the salon with exactly the style you want. At Hair Cuttery, we've developed our WOW Service checklist which helps our stylists talk to you about your hair and specifically what you want out of your service. The following checklist was compiled by Use these steps to help your hairdresser understand your dream style.

1) Do your homework before you visit your stylist to have a solid understanding of your hair goals. Take some time to think about what you really desire in a hairstyle and color. Evaluate your lifestyle and budgetary constraints and select styles that are realistic for you.

2) A picture is worth a thousand words. Bring in clear, consistent photos and images that show your desired hairstyle in as many positions and angles as possible. Images are available in a variety of places--from the Internet (Google hair styles) to fashion magazines.

3) Remember to select photos that resemble your own physical characteristics such as face shape, body shape, length of neck, similar hair texture and type. In short, simply be realistic about your goals.

4) Be open to your stylist's suggestions--they're the professional after all. Communication is a two-way street and if you demonstrate to your stylist that you respect their professional opinion, they will also respect your wishes and try to help you find a workable solution.

5) To demonstrate your desired hair color, bring color chips, paint chips or a sample photograph to express your desired hue. Sometimes when one person sees red, another person will see orange.

6) When you think that your stylist understands your vision, have them repeat it back to you. If he or she seems unclear, don't be afraid to discuss your goals a little further.

7) Once your stylist begins to work on your hair, keep your eyes. If they seems to be heading in the wrong direction, be prepared to politely stop them and revisit the desired result. After all, it is your hair and you will be walking around with it until it grows out.

Of course, anything in life worth having does take some time and thought. And making an effort to develop a good relationship with your stylist will bring you many benefits in the future.